Mr. Dan Bilzerian


Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, in Tampa, Florida, the son of Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. He is the brother of fellow poker player Adam Bilzerian. He is of Armenian descent through his father. His father was a Wall Street corporate investor who set up trust funds to support his two sons. Bilzerian entered the Navy SEAL training program in 2000. However, after several attempts, he did not graduate. Bilzerian then enrolled at the University of Florida with a degree in Business and Criminology.

Recently, his “followers” on Instagram reached the astronomical number of 7 million, while more than half of the population of Greece. All of them indiscriminately watch the provocative daily life of the “king”, when he takes a bath, when he eats his breakfast, when he goes for shooting accompanied by shapely half-naked women, when he appears with weapons and cigars in swimming pools or in huge inflatable bedclothes with decoration and much more.

After all, these are the “simple everyday moments” that fill the lives of Dan Bilzerian, the 34-year-old actor, astronaut and of course the “asshole”, as he states on his personal website. that characterize him, adding the necessary doses of glamor to his turbulent life, is that of a poker player, as well as the heir to an untold fortune.

A controversial personality

I’ll take the JU / UR axis: Sudden change of fortune (unexpected gains). Material success. Lucky events. Unusual profession. Fast journey. Impulsive investment. New business activity. A happy surprise

90 degrees

 Natal JU / UR = CU / YES = AD / YES = MO / NE = UR / AS = ZE / KR = UR / MC = SA / UR = SO / ZE

A club of spiritual people. More simply, a gathering place (eg a lounge). Earth radiation. Flash. Atheist. The axis of dream, inspiration and sensitivity. Anesthetic gas or soot. The smell. A dizzy mind. A woman who is weak. An artist woman. Dancer, musician. A woman drinking. The time of inspiration

Sudden contacts. Events that are caused unexpectedly and perhaps through the fault of others. Enthusiasm and intensity. Sudden disturbance of the world.

The axis of powerful creation. Fire protection. Trade or manufacture of machinery. The war and armaments programs. State intervention. A battle of legal arguments. The application of laws. The train driver. Preparatory actions. Demonstrations of great skill in strategy.

Immediate decision making. An explosive way. Keeping in mind to do something. Nervous stimulation. Vibration. Ambition. Scientist. Unusual jobs and profession. The moment of revolution. A career full of controversy.

The axis of rigidity, quarrel and sudden separation Losses due to haste. Objections to everything that is an obligation – a duty

The leader’s axis. The one who “takes the chestnuts out of the fire”. Having the ability but also the sacred obligation to take the game upon himself. The fire. Blood pressure. The will. The creative leader. The “forward”. The uniform.

It was not until then that the weapons became known, the women who continued to do so, and his vivacity and military madness.

Natal 22 30

JU / UR = AP = ME / VU = MA / KR = MO / NE = UR / KR = MA / AS = MO / CU = AP

Our whole equation has Apollon inside as an exponent so you become a double and triple equation

A lot of money comes up suddenly. Sudden luck for many.

Multiple contacts and friendships. Popular personality. Good manners and personal confidence. The axis of taste. The beautiful words spoken. The beautiful and elegant woman. Social contacts and meetings. Ease of sales and transactions.

Independent activities in science or trade. Director. Pleasant official orders. The axis of police intervention. The real one. A criminal law. The prosecutor for the execution of the sentences. The power of the state. Authoritarianism. . The specialist in the use of some techniques or tools

The many hours of the night. A person who has many hours to relax, and with women.

The strange planes. Leadership with short duration Sudden expansion of a force

A revolutionary leader. The sudden inspection of the Authorities (eg Police, SDOE)

Common scientific or economic activities with others The enthusiasm. The person who will be angry with others. Following the path to leadership and primacy but through violent events. In rare cases the person you hit or the person who will be hit by others.

Learning with many other people. I have to spend my free time with them (women). How I spend my free time. One social night.

Did he spend the night relaxing with the women’s and made it a profession? is he constantly with many women? is he constantly involved in warfare? is he the leader and boss in all this? Does he make a lot of money?  Does he have issues with the state and the authorities?  Is he in a strange profession?

In other words, if we look at other planets on the natal Jupiter and Apollon separately and MC, then there is a lot of wealth and the fact that he has received a lot of money from his father, the natal chart also shows that he is losing money because he is not careful. And it has one last thing on his natal chart like the AP / VU (The Axis of Wealth) and on MC = JU / AP, that is, its richness can be seen from everywhere.


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