The pairs of Zeus: The power of NWO, guns and leadership


ZE/KR : Great ability and capability. To put oneself in the right light. To play the over

lord. To lord it over others. Great and energetic activities. Energetic

leadership. To assert oneself at an costs. The machine Industry.

Conflagrations. Warfare. Armament. The kernel formula for the great

commander-in-chief. Great activity. Intervention of the authorities. Fire

protection. Governmental fire insurance.

ZE/AP: To learn, to study, to collect experience. To search, to experiment. To learn,

to study. Natural science. Creative all and science. Modern science.

Experiments. Trials. Practical research.

ZE/AD: To start a problem. Struggling activity. To baffle all the way through. To

fight one’s way through. Tragic. First beginning, the act of originating –

genesis. All beginning is difficult. To form, to work on, to shape, to form raw

materials. Tragedy. Lava, igneous. Interior of the Earth. Difficult beginning.

Tragic. Raw materials from mines, ore. To process and to shape raw

materials. Manufacturing and refinement of raw materials.

ZE/VU:To be loaded with urge to activity. All forces are directed to one point.

Mighty directed forces. Mighty eruptions or explosions. Mighty creations.

Machine power mighty controlled and adjusted power Horsepower. Natural

forces. The force of external circumstances. Great wars. Great urge for

action, to work. Organized and direct forces or controlled forces. Electrical


ZE/PO: Mental work and creation. To be a witness to something. To attest or to

testify to something. Creative mentality. Disposed or minded to. The

conviction, the formal proof, the evidence. The certificate or report of a test.

Mental leadership. Mental compulsion. Mental creation. To lead. To prove. To

witness. To attest. To verify.

My number one-Helena Paparizou


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