Alarm in global financial institutions (* part III)


“In a crisis, the boldest choice is often the safest.” H. Kissinger

In the previous 2 parts of this article “Alarm in the global money-credit institutions” and “Alarm in the global money-credit institutions II” I analyzed how the crash will be created and I determined the time. We are in a period of strong geopolitical and economic reshuffles. In the second part I mentioned a city guerrilla and basically the US guerrilla-looting didn’t happen for Floyd. The “movement” was not spontaneous and in fact its assassination was nothing more than a drop that overflowed .. Terror and indignation have no racial motives but purely financial… ..

The covid-19 case was essentially a big scam. Now the countries have shown worldwide that in such situations it is “everyone cares for himself!” Of course, there were countries that showed solidarity, but there were also countries (** Turkey, Germany) which showed that they have not renounced their Hun origin at all, operating “parasitically” to the detriment of humanity !!!!

First of all, I will make a pre-announcement and say “try to remember when I post them” and see when others post them.

The year 2021 has JU = SA {** The axis of loss of real estate. An uncertain success. Doing something without a trace of success. Change of residence. Real estate agent. The jealousy of success. The court (* as space), withdrawal with money (** compensation). The rich retiree. Great responsibilities.} And as a result there will be problems with the residence but also instead of some privileges the employees after the 50+ will be led to the door of the “voluntary” exit. So those who have “succeeded” automatically create enemies…

Additionally JU / AP = HA: Strong speculation. Big losses through bad investments. Large sums of money lost.

So, from the end of November 2020, a one-year period begins (* until the year 2022) that will play the NE/ PO so the interpretation: “The axis of Psychology. Of hallucinations. Of “vague” and metaphysical issues. The mirrors. The reflection. The pretense. The preventive. Not pure ideas and I believe. Excellent propaganda. A spirit that is unable to “see” clearly. Abstract issues. Advanced psychological approaches ”a fact that brings out orchestrated misinformation !!! We need to keep in mind that we will be having ZE / PO = NE since November 2020: Rejection of a mental compulsion. Hidden mental leadership. The invisible hand. False witnesses or fabricated evidence. Constructed evidence. A man acting in the background. The one who appears is not the one who moves the threads, he is a “showcase” from behind, there are other people.

Finally, I want to emphasize that the stock market crash WILL COME since the equation PL / HA = WI “hits” the annual WI / SO (* axis of humanity, the index of the year). What we experienced in 2020 WAS THE TRAILER !!!!!!!

Remember what Jesus said in the parable with the owner of the vineyard: ” “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

Karl-Heinz Ottinger 2020©

All rights are reserved


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