Hello Mr. Donald Trump


A rather special person who shakes the waters of political and American thought, some people hate him and consider him strange, eccentric and dangerous, and especially narcissistic. Some people definitely believe him a lot and will give him another four years. Me move on to Who is Donald Trump through Uranian Astrology.

The goal of my articles is to show you how deep we go through Uranian Astrology. Starting, with his natal chart and the SO / MO axis. The “psychosynthesis” or his psychological profile and other things we take 90-degree axis.

SO / MO = KN = VU = MO = MC / AD = SO / KN = SO / VU = MA / JU = SA / ZE = SA / KR

A meeting with others. Contact and familiarity, The timing of an extremely large event. A period of hard practice in an object Stability. Someone’s obsession. The person who is cruel and apathetic. Self-created. Hard heart. Stubbornness. Doing something with “cold blood”. Contact with the general public. Personal and physical contact. The person will be an eyewitness to an important event. Important personal contacts. The ego in relation to karma but also the “associations-groups” of souls with which I have come in the present incarnation. (interesting). The ability and the will to force someone with the power he has. The Conqueror. The axis of pleasure offered by action and work. Anxiety. Engagement. The children. Pregnancy. Separation or other obstacles hinder development. A natural separation. The axis of displacement and exile. Problems and measures imposed by the Authorities. Issues related to tourists or immigrants, signal this kind of relationship with the host State. The deportation. The losses associated with the Authorities, the Armed Forces. Losses through legal proceedings. We are 100 media so far this is his life.

At 22.30 Degrees

Everything has Venus as an exponent, so everything is colored as equations.

SO / MO = VE = SO / VU = VE = CU / AD = MA / JU = MA / PL = SA / ZE = VE

Strong desire for physical love. The person who will be “nailed” and will be perceived to be strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Spouse harmony. A marriage of love. Beautiful moments, calm moments. Love without duration. The denial of efforts by others for a partnership. A marriage in life (not necessarily successful). The end of a collaboration. The dissolution of a cooperative. Pregnancy. The birth of a girl. Happiness associated with sexual intercourse. Successful pleasant work. Enjoyment.

Develop a bond. The pleasant changes. The axis of execution, organization and planning. The person who does two jobs. Obstacles to activities caused by love. Dedicated activities with temporary breaks. Abandonment and mockery, since this person was primarily used sexually.

Nice to go to the annual SO / MO to see what this year will be like

SO / MO annual = SO / MO Solar Arc = AD at 90 degrees.

The end of a friendship, a partnership or a marriage. One day dead. One day off. A sad day. Joint efforts run into serious obstacles. Difficult beginning of a youth. Clumsy behavior. Hermit in life. Exclusion from a social group. A person or a group that is marginalized. A person in a hazy landscape. Putting himself on the sidelines. Dangerous fuels. Explosives. Rags and broken pieces through the explosion. Dangerous fuels. Explosives. Rags and broken pieces through the explosion. The remnants of a fire. From low, upward. Something like the emergence of the submarine. The improvement, albeit slow, after a bad period. Lack of awareness. The deception of a revolution. The person to whom someone will say goodbye, forced by circumstances. The cold movement. Laws and Decisions of the executive branch. In matters of work the chief. Decrees and decisions. The opposition / adjournment of a court decision. Postponement to a court. The appeal. The vanity of the crowd. Rough violence. The power of evil. Corruption. Ugliness. Vice. The dark forces that do dark deeds. The axis of the “Gandalf” and the failure to achieve the goals. The time when it is “written” to pass a test.

Propagandist. The truth. Personal difficulties that stand as a wall and hinder development. year in case of annual) realization of karma. The year in case of annual) that we will have a bad mood or even mourning.

MC Annual 90 Degrees 


MC & ME = JU / ZE = KN / CU = JU / KR = UR / KN = CU / VU = MO / CU = ME / AS = UR / VU = MO / UR

Individual thoughts. Monologues. Business thinking. Someone’s thought. Mental attitude. The ability to think. The activity of thought. Criticizing or observing professional ties. Karmic contact. The “others” and me. The participation. Contacts aimed at a common goal. In the end, achievements and tasks leave me satisfied. Common interests, cooperatives. The establishment or associations. Members, The supervisor. Laws and Instructions for Financial Institutions. The National Bank of each country. Luck through the authorities. (what happened to his trial). Innovations. New styles. Contacts with new technologies. Unprecedented things Unforeseen relationships and contacts. Sudden relationships and sudden events. Great talent in the organization. Assessment and sequence between public opinion and my interests. Impressing some of my own accomplishments. The opinion of others about a person. Discussion with several. The ability to gather information. I express myself in an explosive way. The person who gathers all his strength in one place. Exposure to danger when the forces of nature erupt. A warlike character. Sudden strong show of strength. Relaxation. A fast mind that moves carefully but at its “limits”.



MC = MA = JU / NE = KN / CU = JU / KR = NE / PL = PL / KR = MA = AS / AP = UR / KN = CU / VU

Persistence and will, energy, the impulse to be active. The action of someone who moves the threads or gives orders to others. A troubled mind. Energy reserves. Activities with negative results, ending in losses. Lack or loss of money. Speculation. Great hopes and expectations. Great illusions. The financial “toys”, the bubbles. Common interests, cooperatives. The establishment or associations. Success in a test. Great luck. Laws and Instructions for Financial Institutions. The National Bank of each country. The financial manager in a company. Good and helpful laws. Luck through the authorities. Work without planning. A company that has momentum but operates uncontrollably. Issues on which changes cannot be seen in the present but guarantee the future. A spy who has not been arrested. Gas leak.Business activities. The rules in the workplace. Start or assign a survey. sudden cooperatives. The person who enters between your legs. Unpredictable relationships and contacts

ANNUAL ASC 90 Degrees

ANNUAL AS = SOL ARC KN & VU = SO / UR = JU / MC = KN / VU = MO / KN = MO / VU

The mediator, agent. Making new contacts. Keeping in touch. Karmic relationships

Trying or being violent through others. My superiors. Various others who act violently. The others ultimately excel. Forcing through others. Oppressive environment. A person who causes situations and does not sit “wisely”. The one who “mixes” things up. The finger that triggers, that is the one who hides behind everything. Overwork. Overworking the body. A body that operates permanently within its capabilities. What we say in slang… working for the “cutters”. Satisfaction with a result that comes from working with others. Pleasant coexistence. The will to complete something together. Strong emotion. Realizing a dream with others. Contacts that have the potential to change the course of things. The big issues. Fatal meetings and contacts. My karmic companions. Strong shapes, strong compounds. Great and strong acquaintances. The axis of executive power. Being aware of the power that one possesses. The ability to influence the masses and especially women. The mind that has speed and power. Creating a great feeling in the crowd or in the social environment. The fatal time.

90 Degrees


Relationships with difficult prospects. Unpleasant contacts. Relationships that are not very good. Vulgarity. Reluctance. The unpleasant experience of such a relationship. Cardiac problems. Problems with third party delinquent behavior. Secret associations and contacts. (THIS IS A WORLD LIKE YEARS FOR ALL COUNTRIES). I am easily offended. Anxiety that results from a feeling of inferiority. Job loss – business losses. Existing secrets. He who is sad, sick or grieving something. Completely losing the meaning of existence and life. Evil. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. The criminal. The misanthrope. Secret agreements. The moment of a crime. Profession Sadness along with some others. A destiny audience with unpleasant developments. Deterioration within work. Losses through warlike circumstances. Losses caused by the authorities. Surprise, serious remark (in the form of an ultimatum. Connected with people who act independently. I get in touch with the authorities. Relationships and contacts with a bad ending. Contacts with criminals and generally underwater types. The person who is “Gandalf”. Misfortune. Opportunities fail to succeed. Inability to recognize. The beginning of the end of an unpleasant situation, to November the last goes. Difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Misbehavior and wrong choices. Looking for something that does not come.

ANNUAL HADES 22.30 = NATAL ME = MA / KR = UR / YES = AS / HA = MC / AP = VE / AS = ME / MC = SO / HA

Bringing an unpleasant dark subject to light. To make the things of the past come to life again. The axis of personal dissatisfaction. Accepting suffocating pressure that makes me unhappy. In a professional matter we see relationships with the lower social strata and people who are at a lower hierarchical level. The person feels dissatisfied with others. A personality that receives malice and envy from others. Having the need for third parties. The lower layers. Having contacts with people who are poor and afflicted. Unwanted relationships. Rejection by others. Running the risk of suffering through evil and malicious acts. The details of a “satanic” and insidious plan. Planning something bad.

In closing I will take an interval SO / KR the axis of the president one of the things that interest me. At 90 degrees.

Annual SO / KR = NATAL NE & NATAL KR & NATAL ZE = HA / AP = SA / UR = NE = KR = VE = AP = SO / AD = CU / HA = NE / PO = VE / CU = UR / HA = VE / UR

Addressed to incompetents. Responsible people, Great will and impetus for creation. Significant leadership skills. The experience. Judgment of civil law. Desire to be scientifically revealed or to predict the future from the events of the past. The misery of the masses presented above the incompetence of the government. Sudden divorce. Rupture – Divorce The axis that shows the homeland. It also shows conservatism. State intervention. Separation through the state. Land losses or loss of ownership. Occupation through the government or superiors. Imposing with what I want. Death of a great government figure. axis of rigidity, quarrel and sudden separation. Losses due to haste. Objections to everything that is an obligation – a duty. Untruth. Dissolving friendship with many. Friendship with higher hierarchies and people working in government. Important in art and science. Profits through the State. Going from an indefinite state to an essential phase. Loneliness. The day of the beginning, but also of the end. The person who is forced to see his life again from scratch. Personal obstacles in life. The axis of poverty and selfishness. When someone is left unpaid from their job. An environment full of sadness. A personality who wants to look like a leader or a leader but who is nothing more than a face with a big shadow that “dazzles” others. Not pure ideas and I believe. Excellent propaganda. A spirit that is unable to “see” clearly. Abstract issues. Someone who is powerless or defenseless in internal attacks. Great misfortune, great bad deeds. Death (murder) of a person of high society. Danger of loss of water (flood, drowning, etc.). Murder through betrayal (not Trump).


A person with prestige who is willing to help. A lovable person. Governor, king, boss. The “Big One” that everyone loves. Happiness through independence. Successful leadership. Favor and luck through State Authorities, government. Grief over financial constraints and loss. Lack of humor. Damage caused by indifference of the Government or the Authorities. “Underground” damage. The man who is “against” the authorities. A happiness that can’t give me the feeling of joy. Refusal to help. The results of wrong moves. A contagious grief. Lucky change, growth or transformation. Big changes in someone’s life. Economic changes. Lucky development of one’s capabilities. Exams that I pass successfully. Pleasant change made by the government or their boss or to them. The successful end of an apprenticeship .. So, you see he has a lot of difficulties, but he has a favor and he will be re-elected, you will definitely see what a dark game you are playing behind him. In closing, I showed you that the year will go by and a lot of money will be lost, and America will suffer a lot from the corona virus.

On the subject of the president on the natal chart of 

SO / KR = SO / ZE = MA / AP = HA / AD = MA / UR = VE / AD = KN / MC = MC / VU has power it just has a lot of impulsiveness, it gets angry easily and Immediately he is tough, he likes to fight, he is eccentric, he stands on his feet by accident, he didn’t do what he did before, he has so many contacts, it’s karmic, his election was at the end of the billion, I don’t mean legal, but he did it. Difficult character and constantly changing point of view. He will definitely be re-elected. They will have many victims from covid-19 that will not say the truth

Vafiadis George

Psychologist,Psychotherapist, Homeopath, Uranian Astrologer.


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