What will happen tomorrow 21 Feb 2020


People who crave for their IQ are failures.” S.Hawking

We must to observed

The Sun is equal to MA / VU, KN / HA.PL / KR, UR / CU but also to Jupiter and today requires high physical strength. But we need to be careful as there is a risk of theft. Days that bring drastic change. Days with disturbing events taking place in a relationship or in a small group. Mercury equals HA / PO, ZE / VU, JU / AP and this indicates to us today that many of us will be plagued by unusual thoughts. A person focused on work and getting his energy out there. Machines, or things on the go. Some bold statements. If you are into science then it is a day of powerful emotions. Mars today speaks for a “dirty” job. Unemployment. Carelessness. Indifference to the results of my actions. Failure. Vulgarity. Erotic encounters. It often shows erotic pursuit through vulgar love …

No one like you-Scorpions


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