What will happen tomorrow 13 Feb 2020


Today’s day is quite a difficult day since the day has ME = SA and this gives us as an interpretation the body that cannot meet to the full requirements. Sadness and loss. It indicates travel that is not necessary and it not for pleasure. Today our thoughts will come at the speed of light. Today is the day when we will be dealing with issues of warships and naval battles. Issues with maritime piracy.

If you admit your fear you will see the fear like a midget

Terrible events from a crash and issues related to crowd repression. Great accomplishments. With Large financial institutions. Good luck in the war. A person who is weak. The man who will succumb. The person who feels weak and without a “soul” who does not want or cannot. Without physical and mental resistance. Suspension of activity. Financial disaster. Forces, which can be very destructive.

Ronnie James Dio…an excellent voice according the pair ME/MA


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