Andrea Bocelli


           “When God deprives you of something, he gives you something else in duplicate”

                                               Written by Karl-Heinz Ottinger

Andrea Bocelli was born on 22 Sep 1958 at 05:11 in Tuscany. The Tuscan region is famous for its vineyards and wines. The Bocelli family could not be happy with the arrival of little Andrea because after six months he had his first eye surgery. He hit in a football match and he lost his sight there. His parents give all their energy and a great fight for a normal life for Andrea. He goes to a special school where he learns to read by the Braille method and goes to law where he graduated with a doctorate degree. He was busy with his law school and he was sure he would sing only for his own people. Franco Corelli was a contemporary “legend” of opera and Andrea’s “idol”. As soon as he heard him, he took him as his disciple.

In 1992 he won the San Remo Contest and since then his career has ebbed. He was humble with a divine voice and a wonderful family. I feel full because I had a lot of love from a young age …

Uranian Astrology

We will only analyze his personal points

ASC = JUPITER / SATURN = Aries Point / N. Node = CUPIDO / ZEUS = MERCURY / SATURN = SUN /MOON = N. NODE /URANUS = MOON / VULCANUS = SATURN / NEPTUNE: Separation from one person. Becoming known to the general public. A shareholder in a company. Sick leave. Friendship bonds. Change in life through an acquaintance. Causing public interest. Great influence on the public. An illness that completely changes a person’s life.

MC = MOON/ APOLLON = MERCURY/ VENUS = HADES / ADMETOS = Aries point / PLUTO: A person who impresses. Born Artist. Loneliness. Taking advantage of the circumstances.

SUN = SUN / VULCANUS = ZEUS / ADMETOS: Animation. Adaptable under peculiar conditions.

MOON = VENUS / ZEUS = MERCURY KRONOS = NEPTUNE/ POSEIDON = MC / ARIS = MERCURY / MARS: Creation. Ability to learn and perceive. Working under a utopia, under a cloud, in the dark.

Aries Point = Aries Point / URANUS = MC / POSEIDON = VENUS / KRONOS: Great personality involved in big events. Mental interests keep me in touch with people. Activities full of charm.

The voice {SUN = MERCURY/MARS} ¨: SUN / VULCANUS = ZEUS / ADMETOS: Power, success through tragic difficulties.


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