The pairs of Hades: Underworld, bad luck, dirty vocabulary


HA/ZE: Grave viciousness. Destruction by fire. Burns. War atrocities. Relaxation.

Recreation. Holidays. Idleness and vice. No pursuing of one’s aim, lack of

purposeful behavior. Prevented to act, paralyzed (in respect to action),

compelled to be Inactive. Cramp (to restrain or confine the action of, as with

a cramp). Villainess mean trick. industry. Lack of coat. Strike. Lock-out.

Destructive fire. Outbreak of hate. To cause a disaster. Incendiary.

John Dillinger a public enemy with …HADES

HA/KR: To be obliged to give up independence. Death and ruin in ruling circles.

Great baseness and meanness, poverty or want. Poor government. Plain

clothes police. The basic formula for a criminal on a big scale. Great

baseness, vulgarity, lack and need. Crime police. Detective force.

HA/AP: Widespread poverty. History, knowledge of the past. Dealing in rags. Lack in

experience. Widespread poverty. Misery of the masses. Garbage and junk

dealers. Collecting rags. The science of the past. The knowledge of history.

Occur science. Secret science. Magic. Great meanness, great vileness. Many

in need.

HA/AD: Deep sadness. Pessimism. Coldness. Deep dislike. Antipathy. Lack of raw

materials. Old materials. Scantiness. Frugality. Great and deep sadness.

Pessimism. Coldness. Aversion. Lack In reliability and firmness. Negligence.

To stunt or shrivel Attrition. Worn out materials. Lack of raw materials. Raw

materials from old materials or junk. Prehistoric time, the distant or remote

past. Lack of raw materials, Raw materials from old materials. Sadness.

Coldness. The most distant past, remote antiquity.

HA/VU/:Brute force. The power of evil. Wickedness. Ugliness. Vices. Great danger.

Mean and brutal acts. Capital crimes. Raw force. Murder. Slavery.

Demoniacal forces, the “Dark Powers.”. The evil. Power of evil. Vices, raw

force. Criminals.

HA/PO: Mental deficiency, stupidity, imbecility, superstition. Secret doctrine, occult

science. Mental and spiritual Isolation, poverty, deficiencies or detects.

Secret science. The spirit of the past or the antiquity. Mentally isolated

being. Stupidity. Superstitious.

Bad- Michael Jackson


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