The pairs of Cupido: The arts, family and cooperation


CU/HA: To live in socially low surroundings. Ugly environment. Coarse art.

Unremunerated art. Paupers. Marriage in poverty. Low and vile company.

Egoism. Individualism. Poor societies or associations. Unfortunate concern.

Sad environment. Storage or supply. To stock, to hoard. Collection of

antiques. Museums. Poor family. Sad social circumstances. Dirty, lowbrow

art, and art productions.

CU/ZE: Artistic activity. Appearance of a new tendency in art. Foundation of a

corporation. Foundation of a society. Marriage. Artistic creation. Military

organization. Matrimonial agent. Creator in art.

CU/KR Concerning the head of the family. To represent greatness in art. Head of a

family. Distinguished or illustrious society or company. Great all. The

formula for a great artist. Large corporations or enterprises. Meetings of

heads of governments. License bureaus. Registry Offices. United States or

United Nations. Great art and artists. Art protector. Patron. Registry office.


Teamork….with Cupido’s bless…

CU/AP: To be in the company of many. Much sociability. Art association. Multiplying.

Expansion or extension of a community. Widespread artistic or scientific

association. School classes. Scientific successes. Great expanded society,

family etc. An association representing economic interests. Consumers

union. Art and science. Family with many heads.

CU/AD: Solitude. Hermit. Monastery. To be avoided or avoid others. Dissolution of

an association. Solitude. Lonely places. Hermitage. Monkhood. Monastery.

To shun. End of being together with others. To become a hermit.

CU/VU: The influence and power of an association. Combined or collective power.

Influence of a kind of art. Mighty artistic abilities and talent. Power and

Influence In or through a community. The powerful community or also

political party. Great organization. The power of a community. Might through

unity. Great art.

CU/PO: To congregate with people of the same faith and outlook on life. A

community engaged in the same religion, world-outlook or the same

spiritual attitude. Spiritual, religious, philosophical community. The

congregation of faith. Mental, spiritual, religious or philosophical society.

Cupido’s meeting


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