Kobe Bryant: The rise and the end…


It is time to write something about a human being that really inspired my life. I will speak about the late great basketball player Kobe Bryant. As a ex basketball player and a great fan of Kobe I would like as a tribute to analyze one crucial midpoints of his natal chart and how I use Uranian Astrology to find what I want. We know that Kobe Bryant had huge success after Michael Jordan he took over his legacy, but we saw people admire him and his success was huge can we see all this using Uranian Astrology? So.

First, I will start to analyze SO/AP: A day of glory. Many people (bodies). Physical expansion and success. Successes. Fame. Honors. The successful man. The man who finds recognition. Days devoted to peaceful matters and days which bring success. Let’s see also if we can see the so huge fame, he had:

Using Janus software firstly on the 90o degrees the first thing I see is SO/AP and across is MC so this equation changes completely and the SO/AP=MC speaks about a successful and recognized person. The person will accept values and privileges. Award


SO/AP=UR/PO=MC/CU=ME/PL=HA/VU=AS/HA=ME/VE=MC and all thiscan be explained

A person that has very fast thought and also wants the truth and mind that is also on the work and he will be known through family, arts and also teaching skills, the use of art (let’s not forget the Oscar win he had). He will make a family company by his name, a publication of a book, a right way of speech and a speech with literary appeal, he would also have difficulties by people saying but things to him or threatening messages, and also he would face very baldly accusations and dark ones about an issue or scandal, he will be with people in need or people in poverty or people low profile in education and he would face mean things from the others and jealousy, also by his voice he would attract people and he also be known by his taste of dressing up and also very good on selling his products.

Now If we use the 22.30o modulus to get even deeper we see his SO/AP is very near the Aries Vernal Point which means SO/AP=WI A person known to all. An oversized success. A physiognomy known and recognizable by all. So, we see it is huge also the equation goes like this at 22.30o SO/AP=SO/KR=MA/ZE=KR/AD=MA/CU=SO/ME=MA/AS=AP/AD=ME/AD

And the explanation is the someone who is a leader a very capable person that also will be recognized by the State, accomplishments beyond expectations, a person who works like a soldier, and will be known through sports, a person ready to fight and lead and work a lot, he also would be known from a fall from a very high hill or mountain, that would suddenly stop his fame, the highest distinctions he will receive, he would work in a team and he would receive there all the accomplishments, but also from a family business and would be known as a good family man and husband. He would be known through travelling and by his way of speech and the everyday practice schedule he has. Stable and continuous success, and special way of work.

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Vafeiadis Georgios B.A, M.A Psychology,



Uranian Astrologer


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